Bombastic darkwave industrial beats from the teutonic master of metal mayhem!

Hailing from Germany, ANTI MATTER MAN was born in mid 2000 during the creation of a track of the same name. AntiMatterMan explores darker techno, break beats and industrial cybernetics. Expressing the "mental storm of a million thoughts, being a mixture of man and machine; of emotion and rationalism".

Sometimes I ask myself:
Have we ever been human?
Do we have a soul
that needs a body?
Do we finally need a body?
Aren't we just biomachines?

The Cyber-Genetic blood
in your Musical Headroom.

AntiMatterMan's debut album on Earth Academy Records features furious techno-trance beats spliced with metallic industrial chrome, and experimental ambient noise, voiced by the androgynous robotic tones of AntiMatterMan himself. This is a hardcore cybernetic experience, with an underlying Terminator style atmosphere, and futuristic landscapes. Definitely one for the Cyber-Goths and CyberDog crowd. Get out your glo-sticks and pump action droids.
Manipulated! is the limited DJ Promo of AntiMatterMan's album "Manipulator". Featuring various one off Club mixes of the title track and video "Manipulator" : DARK MASTER MIX, NEO MIX, STOLEN MIND MIX, and MANIPULATED! [15 min DJ mix-down]

(50% goes to artist)

(50% goes to artist)