Founder and composer MIRAI with Opera vocalist BRONWEN STEPHENS combine layers of electronic sound with a soaring vocal range with the aim to re-animate the machine dominated world of electronica with a body of next generation, attention-grabbing work, designed for live performance. The sound of Intelligentsia explores the amalgamation of organic vocal and synthetic other-worldy sounds while drawing on the rich history of opera and world music - with Bron singing in Latin, German, English, Japanese and Italian. In their high energy live performances, Mirai utilises his custom-built tactile synthesizers and other cutting edge musical technology to transform their complex compositions into tangible, personal experiences.



TRILIGHT takes a varied and experimental excursion across film score soundtracks, electronica, progressive rock and techno pop. Musically the soundscapes concentrate on different forms of metallic instrumentation, giving them an overall and distinctive shiny or twinkly “TRI-LIGHT” sound. Music for piano and orchestra later develops into progressive electronica and rock, with the lead track, entitled “1985” being a nostalgic nod to the album composers first steps into music.

Alien_55 (Music CD)

A word play on ‘Area-51’ (with an ironic reference to the author) consisting of 4 very different musical pieces, all constructed to be a quarter of an hour each exactly. A one hour soundtrack that starts with a full synth-rock anthem, moving to atmospheric Film score, followed by 2 Yin/Yang tracks exploring optimism/pessimism: euphoric Electronic Opera, and a dark tribal experimental finale.

Featuring the operatic and ethereal voices of mezzo-sopranos Bronwen Stephens (Ovni, Global village), Adey Bell (Ovni Part.3), and male tenor Robin Whitehouse (Global Village).

Save the Earth (Album CD)

Digital album, and Limited Edition 'Maltese Cross" style CD, includes both the mini-albums "ETHNOGENESIS" and "COZMOPOLITAN”, in a 12 track journey across experimental & multi-lingual soundscapes, uplifting & energetic themes, and lead by Symphony Orchestra.

“A wonderful universe of sonic elements all expertly crafted and conceived in a journey that will enlighten the listener in a wide spectrum of imagination” - Hypercube.

Supercluster Citizen (updated monthly)

Welcome to the "SUPERCLUSTER CITIZEN" project: 'Futuristic Experiments in the Metagalactic Multiverse'.

The purpose of this music project is to create a platform where every month 1 new track will be produced and released. This will allow for a regular output and smorgasbord of music, while providing a home for all those homeless tracks and ideas that never see the light of day, namely as they wait alone (for sometimes years) collecting digital dust, or wander about in imagination but never manifest. It will be a buffet of experimental electronic music delights, for the tasting thereof. After every ten tracks a full album will be released on the regular music streaming networks, but for the meantime, you can enjoy the music exclusively on Bandcamp.

Ethnogenesis (digital mini-album)

Created during the 2020/21 pandemic, ETHNOGENESIS sources and samples from over 30 languages, building an experimental and multilingual soundscape, lead by solo Violin, Opera, and the uplifting power of Symphony Orchestra.

The languages sampled and processed for this music include: Latin, Italian, French, Spanish, Portugese, Catalan, Dutch, German, Russian, Ukrainian, Lithuanian, Slovenian, Hebrew, Yiddish, Kurdish, Armenian, Afrikaan, Swahili, Turkish, Arabic, Hindi, Hmong, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese, Maori, Hawaiian, Navajo, Icelandic, Finnish, Swedish, Esperanto and English.

Music For Motherships

Predating the movie 'Prometheus' by 2 years, Intelligentsia beamed down with the deep space album, MUSIC FOR MOTHERSHIPS, dazzling us with a most 'unearthly' work to date.

As recommended by Matt Black (Cold Cut) and Ian Russell (the Bubble Man)

"The concept behind 'Music for Motherships' was to create a soundscape devoid of any real structure or quantization - a completely free-flow stream of consciousness. One day was set to write each piece simply to press record and hear what happens - with the first take being the finalized track. The result is something to put on in the background but not focused on - to enable you to switch off, meditate, and phase out of reality. Perhaps to imagine the internal echoes of Star-ships and their machines humming to themselves in the darkness, or the Universe viewed from portals, spliced with the ambient sound of solitude during a long haul across space. At the very least its somewhere some of us hope to be in the not too distant future." - MIRAI

Cosmonaut (Album)

An interplanetary journey in sound powered only by analogue synthesisers and spacefaring musical guests.

Back in 2008 we came up with the idea of creating an album that would recreate the unique audio soundscape that is generated by analogue synthesisers while bringing back the nostalgia that we heard through instruments from the 70's and 80's. The plan was simple: collect together and record only from analogue electronic instruments, coupled with the live composing restrictions that ageing technology brings to the table (detuning issues, bad chips, broken keyboards, no MIDI etc) while a call was made for other Cosmonaut fans and collectors of retro gear to guest on the album showcasing their own distinctive gadgets. This COSMONAUT music release also commemorates and coincides with the anniversary of Yuri Gagarin - the first human to journey into outer space, after his spacecraft completed an orbit of the Earth on 12 April 1961.

COSMONAUT guests include: Mirai (Retro Synths, Drums & Music), Ms. Hypnotique (Moog Etherwave Pro THEREMIN), Morley Robertson (SERGE Modular Music System), Christopher J Wray (PROPHET 600) & James Munro (Elka SYNTHEX & Roland Vocoder VP330).

MetaGalactica (Album)

An 18 track ambient trip through deep space, surreal soundscapes and film score. Featuring new music, unreleased tracks and alternative mixes of past works compiled into a one hour mega mix of spaced out down tempo electronica.

01 Heliocentric, 02 Time Capsule,
03 Hypersleep, 04 Earthrise,
05 Dark Star, 06 Communication,
07 Prometheus, 08 Civilization 42,
09 Noeticus, 10 Type Zero,
11 Apparition, 12 Yamato,
13 The Black Hole, 14 Monolith,
15 Orbit, 16 Starseed,
17 Event Horizon (Wormhole),
18 At the End of Time.

Recorded and Mixed in Manchester, UK 2014.

Badlands (CD - EP)

INTELLIGENTSIA splice a futuristic sound with a soaring Opera vocal range, re-animating the machine dominated world of electro with a body of attention-grabbing work designed for live performance.

"WOW! Majestic and Magical! Intelligentsia produces classic opera pieces that reverberate with a sonorous musical magic and a message of our interconnectedness." - Brad Acker, USA

Badlands Remix (EP)

Intelligentsia's Electro-Opera revisited features a brand new, lengthy and experimental remix of BADLANDS (Defunct and Destroyed Remix) using the latest audio gadgets.

Included is the single remix of INTERSTELLA - the popular Sci-Fi deep space track that predated the movie version, while you have the instrumental high cultured Film music of EARTHLING and dreamy LOVE HEROINE, here released in its original Japanese production.

Neurobeat (Single)

Catchy, uplifting vocal remix of Intelligentsia's dance track NEUROBEAT.
Let the sunshine in and start bopping!

Chikamichi (Remaster) (Single)

“CHIKAMICHI” (チカミチ) - Music for the Sapporo International Art Festival. Written using various percussion instruments and iPad synthesis.

The Tomorrow People (Album)

“THE TOMORROW PEOPLE” is an album that has been slowly building in different studios in Japan and the UK. This is a Pre-Studio release in its unfinished form before remastering for a future release.

The theme of the album started from and is based on the birth of the Internet and the attributes of our ever increasing connected planet. It begins with “A global village linked together by electricity and light” and then precedes to globe trot around the world with tracks like “BUNJALUNG” (Oceania), “CHIKAMICHI” (Asia), “DARK ANGEL” (Europe) and SUNBEAM” (America). With its global outlook the atmosphere is predominantly optimistic, celebratory and hopefully an emotionally positive experience for the listener.

This special release is only available on BANDCAMP.

The Other Side of the Screen

A curated compilation of the "best of" game soundtrack works from Intelligentsia, "The Other Side of the Screen" features much loved tracks such as PARTHENON, and music currently used on the latest RPG MAKER game via the online STEAM store. Composed between 1996 to 2000, sales of this music amounted to over 200,000 units in Japan, Europe and USA. Includes the previously unreleased bonus track 'OLMEDRECA'

Century 21 (Album)

The years are 1990 - 1995! Intelligentsia's early works during the time the band was first formed (their arrival on the planet was in the guise of space aliens!) The music was very raw, manic, up tempo and with sample-heavy space and metaphysical themes. You can hear their gradual move away from very rudimentary low grade music equipment (depending on each studio set up and location) to our more sophisticated music today. Intelligentsia mostly gigged around techno clubs in London during the birth of the Rave Culture, including Camden Palace, The Rocket, Club UK, Powerhaus and the Brain Club (Leicester Square). This album is a selection from the 50 or so tracks written during that particular 5 year period.

Band members and collaborators: Akiko, Rik Rob, Mark Fitt (XtremeXS), Neon and Naoki Robot.

Earthling (Extended Single Mix)

Extended remix [6.02 mins] of "EARTHLING" from the "BADLANDS EP"

"We are the souls of this Earth:
No country, no town,
No border we own,
No boundaries, no tribe,
No citizen of any zone"

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