Cosmonaut - New Album - Available NOW! New Single for 2014! CHIKAMICHI NEUROBEAT - a energetic club track with soaring vocals! BADLANDS EP...with 4 beautifully contrasting tracks.


(vocalist, BRON, and founder and composer MIRAI) combine layers of electronic sound with a soaring vocal range, and aim to re-animate the machine dominated world of electronica with a new body of vocal heavy, attention-grabbing work, designed for live performance. The new tracks will be reminiscent of their best seller Interstella and will explore how the amalgamation of organic vocal and synthetic sounds can be replicated on the stage to electrifying effect. The sound of Intelligentsia draws on the rich history of opera and world music, with Bron singing in Latin, German, English, Japanese and Italian. In their high energy live performances, Mirai utilises his custom-built tactile synthesizers and other cutting edge musical technology to transform their complex compositions into tangible, personal experiences.

Intelligentsia's prime directive is to bring together artists on the vanguard of innovative philosophy positive future. With MIRAI at the helm, they have written soundtracks for Japanese video games and national TV and radio with music pressed to 250,000 + units. Intelligentsia's first gig was in Camden Palace (Koko), London, in 1991, and they have performed at over 50 live events worldwide, including the Interactive Live Show with electro pioneer Susumu Hirasawa (P-Model, Japan), The Future of Music (Denmark), Emotions (Belgium), the Alfa Centauri festival (Netherlands), and at the Yokohama Sports Stadium and Toucho Skyscraper in Japan. Their portfolio features the global project WorldWideKind, new music devices such as the Body-Drum, the Gypsy-Midi exo-skeleton, and digital content for celebrities Uri Geller, Morley Robertson (J-Wave Radio), and Kenso Kato.


Originally from space, MIRAI ("Future Boy") is the founder of the neo-futurist network Intelligentsia. Mirai grew up designing UK video games during the 80's whizz kid era, releasing over 10 titles from age 14 and then moved on to music, video and fashion during the growth of the rave culture, where he began to group together a motley bag of musicians artists, always pushing against the status quo. In 1995 Mirai relocated to Tokyo, writing soundtracks for Japanese video games, club mixes, TV radio. He was also a video game character and co-hosted several electronic music radio shows, wrote for Keyboard magazine and did various TV National radio spots. In Japan, he had a political party named after him, was the first foreigner to perform techno live using a mobile phone, and was voted top Tomb Raider level designer. His portfolio includes work for Arkaos VJ, ASCII, Enterbrain, J-Wave radio, Enix, Players Software, & T-Mobile Germany, Yamaha Music corp and Frontline SMS.


Originally from Adelaide, Australia, Bron was brought up surrounded by classical music and language, laying the foundations for her love of opera, travel and foreign dialects. After trying her hand at a number of different instruments she settled on the human voice as her main vehicle of expression and has been singing since the age of 12. After spending 4 years in Tokyo, Japan, Bron moved to London and thrives on its global culture. As a member of the London Philharmonic Choir and chamber group Voce, Bron has performed in many of London's main concert venues and has toured in Australia, Latvia, Malaysia and Italy, including a concert in the Vatican for the late Pope John Paul II. She recently busked around London as part of Radio 3's Genius of Mozart program. Equally at home in a 120 strong choir, giving solo recitals or free-styling vocals with house music DJs, Bron now joins Intelligentsia to fulfil a long held goal of fusing classical sound with electronica.


Humanity+ Magazine, U.S.A.

Retro Gamer, U.K.

Alfa Centauri, Netherlands

RocketBaby, U.S.A.

MusicMart magazine, U.K.

Epping Guardian News, U.K.

Keyboard Magazine, Japan

Cyberia Magazine, Japan

TIM Magazine, Japan (by Steve Deg)

PEN magazine, Japan (Japanese)

Keyboard Magazine (Japanese)

Cyberia Magazine (Japanese)

ASCII magazine, Japan (Japanese)

Spiritech, U.S.A.

Jacob Enk, U.S.A.


2014 JUN 21: (UK) NEW CROSS INN, New Cross, London
2014 JAN 29: (UK) SURYA, Angel Islington, London
2013 SEP 4: (UK) WATER RATS, Kings Cross, London
2013 AUG 16: (UK) FOREVER SUN Music Festival, Dorset
2013 MAY 24: (Italy) LIVE PERFORMERS MEETING, Brancaleone, Rome
2013 MAY 17: (UK) THE GOOD SHIP, Kilburn, London
2013 APR 30: (UK) SCI-FI LONDON Film Festival, Stratford Picture House, London
2011 NOV 26: (UK) (DJ) KISS THE SKY BAR, Hampstead, London
2011 NOV 12: (UK) (DJ) THE LONDON STONE, London
2011 SEP 15: (Japan) KURETAKE BUNKA Center, with Christoper Currell (Plenum void), Kyoto, Japan
2010 NOV 17: (UK) LOCKSIDE LOUNGE, Camden, London
2009 NOV 25: (UK) THE PURPLE TURTLE + Global Citizen + Kommand&Kontrol, London
2009 AUG 22: (UK) (DJ) THE LONDON STONE, London
2008 NOV 29: (UK) (DJ) THE LONDON STONE, London
2008 OCT 30: (UK) (DJ) CLUB ROBOT, EXIT BAR, London
2007 SEP 22: (UK) THE SWISS CHURCH + Tubal Cain, Mark Jenkins, London
2007 MAR 31: (Denmark) THE FUTURE OF MUSIC, Innovation Lab, Arhus (with Ras Bolding)
2006 MAR 25: (UK) ST.GILES CHURCH (with Uri Geller) London
2004 MAY: (Netherlands) ALFA CENTAURI, Huizen (with John Van Der Stap, Meisai, Ms.Hypnotique and Sascha Windrath)
2003 NOV: (UK) ST.CYPRIAN'S CHURCH, London (with John Van Der Stap)
2003 OCT: (UK) (DJ) ST.MARY'S CHURCH, Islington, London. U.K
2003 SEP: (Netherlands) (Promo) E-LIVE
2003 FEB: (Japan) (VJ) CLUB GAME, Tokyo (with Meisai)
2003 JAN: (Japan) SECO BAR, Shibuya, Japan (with Meisai and Steve Deg)
2002 NOV: (Japan) (VJ) CLUB GAME, Tokyo (with Meisai)
2002 JUL: (Japan) (VJ) CLUB BED, Tokyo (with Meisai)
2002 JUN: (Japan) J-WAVE Radio, Tokyo (with Morley Robertson)
2002 JUN: (Japan) (VJ) CLUB KOU, Tokyo (with Meisai)
2002 MAY: (Japan) J-WAVE Radio, Tokyo (with Morley Robertson)
2002 MAY: (Japan) (Promo) DESIGN FESTA, Tokyo
2002 FEB: (Japan) (VJ) Arkaos VJ promo@ Hookup, Akihabara, Tokyo (with Morley Robertson)
2001 DEC: (Japan) Nomad City live, Planet 21, Shimokitzawa, Tokyo (with Morley Robertson)
2001 DEC: (Japan) CLUB P, Shibuya, Tokyo
2001 AUG: (Japan) YOKOHAMA STADIUM, Japan
2000 DEC: (Japan) INTERACTIVE LIVE, Meilparque Hall, Tokyo, Japan (Susumu Hirasawa)
2000 NOV: (Japan) INTERACTIVE LIVE, Big Cat (Day 2), Osaka, Japan (Susumu Hirasawa)
2000 NOV: (Japan) INTERACTIVE LIVE, Big Cat, Osaka (Susumu Hirasawa)
2000 OCT: (Japan) ROCTOBER, Odaiba, Tokyo Bay
2000 JUN: (Japan) BAR JUKE, Roppongi, Tokyo
2000 MAY: (Japan) The FIDDLER, Takadanobaba, Tokyo
1999 NOV: (Japan) ALADDIN, Tokyo
1999 NOV: (Japan) MANDALA II, Tokyo (with Morley Robertson)
1999 NOV: (Japan) CLUB PANGAEA, Tokyo
1999 OCT: (Netherlands) E-LIVE (with Victor Cerullo and John Van Der Stap)
1999 SEP: (Belgium) RENDEZVOUS III, Leuven
1999 AUG: (Japan) TOCHOU SKYSCRAPER, Tokyo (with Morley Robertson)
1999 JUL: (Japan) SHINJUKU LOFT, Tokyo (with Morley Robertson)
1999 JUN: (Japan) TV SAITAMA "Internet Tengoku" (with Morley Robertson)
1999 MAY: (Japan) CLUB PANGAEA , Tokyo
1999 JAN: (Japan) (DJ) CLUB RUBBER, Tokyo
1999 DEC: (Japan) (TV live) MW-TV
1998 NOV: (Japan) DESIGN FESTA, Tokyo
1998 JUL: (Japan) (DJ) DESIGN FESTA, Tokyo
1998 FEB: (Japan) CLUB URGE, Tokyo.
1997 OCT: (Japan) INFORMUSE, Tokyo.
1997 SEP: (Japan) (VJ) CLUB ASIA, Tokyo.
1997 JAN: (Japan) INFORMUSE, Tokyo.
1997 JAN: (Japan) (TV live) NIHON TV: "PC Donburi" (with Kenso Kato)
1996 DEC: (Japan) SEGA JOYPOLIS, Times square, Tokyo (with Masami Asahina)
1996 SEP: (Japan) STUDIO ZEN, Tokyo (with Masami Asahina)
1996 AUG: (Japan) CYBERIA, Tokyo (with Masami Asahina & Rebus Tape)
1996 AUG: (Japan) MOUNT TATESHINA, Nagano (with Masami Asahina)
1994 JUL: (UK) THE BASE, London (with Naoki Robot)
1994 JUL: (UK) CLUB U.K., London (with Naoki Robot)
1994 MAY: (UK) SILVERFISH, London (with Naoki Robot)
1994 APR: (UK) THE ROCKET, Holloway, London (with Naoki Robot)
1992 AUG: (UK) POWERHAUS, Islington, London.
1992 JUL: (UK) THE BRAIN CLUB, Soho, London (with Max 2000 Robot)
1991 FEB: (UK) CAMDEN PALACE, London.

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