Orangey have been active in Tokyo since the early 90's veering from shoe-gazing dreamy pop to the mid-90's return to 60's / 70's sharp song writing and in the new millenium have incorporated a blend of electro-pop with alternative music stylings.

Steve, Akemi and former Rei (founders of Orangey) were born in a swimming pool of enthusiasm for eclectic music.
Steve (British/Hungarian) had his grounding in a minimalist electro pop band back in the UK; writing, arranging and producing artists from the age of 19.

For over a decade, Orangey have had numerous and regular gigs around Tokyo, and held 'Club Orangey' featuring guest film makers, Dancers, Performance artists and other musical groups.

Polemic world music electro pop!
Orangey's debut album immerses the flair of its Japanese talent fronted by main bohemian man Steve Deg to produce a work of fresh melodic fizzy pop with an orange twist and no ice. Always sweet and never sour this is an album that treads the road of the avant garde with a Tokio kick drum and effected guitar. This is intelligent alternative pop for the thinking dancerer. Journeying down parallel roads to Pulp, Blur, Massive Attack and Gorillaz, With Orangey, Steve Deg provides us with a view to a better world with his talent as a lyrical wordsmith.
Planet hop this journey from some of the most eclectic creators across the spheres of electronica & ambient. WorldWideKind is a electronic music project founded at the start of the millennia by the Intelligentsia Network. This special Digital Only Release features "Better World" and the instrumental "Sweetly" by Steve Deg & Paul Gomersall.

(50% goes to artist)