Planet hop & globe-trot this ambitious audio journey from some of the most eclectic creators across the spheres of electronica & ambient. Here lies not your average compilation album but a WorldWide series bringing you a cosmopolitan excursion in sound : Positive inspiration meets global collaboration from: Japan, UK, Italy, Germany, USA, Australia, Norway, Poland, Switzerland, Scotland, Portugal ...and outer space.

Andy Pickford, Astromill, Andy Hagerty, Arthur Loves Plastic, AntiMatterMan, Andrea Priora, Artskool, Alvaro M. Rocha, Bill Canty, Christopher J Wray, Chris Born, Dr Jan, Elemental, Nathan McCree & Matt Kemp, Intelligentsia, Jon Ray, Kees Aerts & Ron Boots, Nicholas D. Kent, Richard Wentk, Steve Deg & Paul Gomersall, Susumu Hirasawa, T-Bass UK, Thomas Gruberski, Victor Cerullo, and XtremeXs...

This is the opening WorldWideKind project that started the series, organised by Mirai (Intelligentsia), Steve Deg (Orangey), Victor Cerullo and Sascha Windrath (AntiMatterMan). This album follows a one hour global mix featuring some hefty talent, including Nathan McCree and Matt Kemp (Tomb Raider 1 - 3), Susumu Hirasawa (P-Model, Berserk, Paprika), Steve Deg and Paul Gomersall (Blur, Trevor Horn, Kate Bush) and specially created tracks such as "Future Boy" by Andy Pickford. Further music contributions come from Intelligentsia, Victor Cerullo, AntiMatterMan, Andy Hagerty, Elemental, Arthur Loves Plastic, Thomas Gruberski, Nicholas D.Kent and further worldwide artists who also supplied various cover art. Additionally, each person was asked to write a short textual piece on their views of the emerging millennia and their hopes for our worldwide future.
WorldWideKind 2 is the follow up sequel released in 2006 featuring past WorldWideKind artists and new collaborators. Music from Andy Hagerty, Arthur Loves Plastic, Andrea Priora, Dr Jan, Richard Wentk, Steve Deg (Orangey), Victor Cerullo, and XtremeXs with specially created and remixed tracks from Andy Pickford, Astromill, AntiMatterMan, Alvaro M. Rocha, Bill Canty, and Intelligentsia.

This unique Digital-Only online Release features various selected tracks from WorldWideKind 1 and WorldWideKind 2, plus bonus tracks and special mixes by Astromill, Intelligentsia, Victor Cerullo, AntiMatterMan and Steve deg. The CD also includes the instrumental remix of "Cold in the Middle" by Astromill and a preview track of WorldWideKind 3; "Bird of Sorrow" by Christopher J Wray.
WorldWideKind II (limited promo)
This is a limited edition promo CD made for the concerts at the St.Giles Church, Center point, London, UK. Performances included Astromill, Intelligentsia, Mark Jenkins (Whitenoise) and a guest showing by URI GELLER. This one-off CD also includes an additional techno-pop piece from Mark Jenkins and a live instrumental track especially written for this event by Astromill.

(50% goes to artist)