Zen Pylon

ZEN PYLON a.k.a Dr. Carl Boland is a musician, composer and sound designer. He’s produced soundtracks for independent films and television in the U.K and worked as an academic in the fields of music technology, film and cultural studies. His own research has focused on the applications of electroacoustic music to film sound design. Now semi-retired from education, he’s settled down to a ‘quiet life’ in western Japan to focus on production. As a composer his work spans an eclectic mix of genres, including jazz, trip-hop, ambient and experimental electronica.

“I think more like a sonic artist than a musician. I like to work with narratives and imagery and tend to approach composition from the closely aligned perspectives of electroacoustic music and film sound design. This is probably why most of my work has a soundtrack quality to it”.



Hypersynchrony is a piece of electroacoustic music for tape. The original work was mixed in Dolby 5.1 and designed for playback in a large auditorium at considerable volume. The binaural stereo remix of Hypersynchrony is designed for listening using ‘over-the-ear’ headphones. While the binaural version does not simulate the original 5.1 surround sound experience, it does offer a more immersive and spatially detailed listening experience than a simple stereo mix. Hypersynchrony was borne out of the composer’s research into brainwave entrainment. The five sections of the piece represent a meditative cycle and a series of visualizations associated with different states of consciousness.

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